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Name:Paptimus Scirocco
Paptimus Scirocco

A sinister genius who joins forces with the Titans. Known as "the man from Jupiter," Scirocco is a member of the Federation's Jupiter Fleet, whose huge transport ships collect helium fuel from the outer planets. Not only is he a gifted mobile suit designer, skilled pilot, and powerful Newtype, but Scirocco's keen intellect and overwhelming charisma enable him to easily manipulate those around him - particularly women. Though his goals and ideology are utterly alien to those of the Titans, their leaders recruit Scirocco to bolster their fighting power, foolishly thinking that his oath of loyalty will protect them from this dangerous renegade.
From his home base, the massive transport ship Jupitris, Scirocco has created a menagerie of handmade mobile suits for the use of himself and his followers. These mobile suits are almost all one of a kind, and each one is created to operate in the harsh gravity well of Jupiter, granting them superb maneuverability in the Earth Sphere. Scirocco's creations include the Messala, Pallas Athena, Bolinoak Samaan, The O and Titania. The Gabthley and Hambrabi are also Scirocco designs, and only 2-4 of each were ever made.

Paptimus Scirocco's personal mobile suits are the PMX-000 Messala and PMX-003 The O.
As an ambassador of the Jupiter Energy Fleet, Paptimus Scirocco is a member of a mysterious cabal that schemes to manipulate events in the Earth Sphere to their liking. He claims various alliances with the Federation, the Titans, and the Axis Zeon, but Scirocco is a man who is loyal to one cause and one cause only - his own. He has recruited a devoted cadre of Titans soldiers who support him for various reasons of their own, among them Haifan, Sarah Zabiarov, Yazan Gable, Dunkel Cooper, Ramsus Hasa, Gady Kinsey, and Reccoa Londe. He may also have sympathizers in other factions of the Earth Sphere. Underestimate his reach at your peril.

Paptimus Scirocco is Villain Newtype Love

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